So what’s dropleaf?

The easy answer: we’re a subscription service for all-you-can-play indie PC games. But we hope to be so much more.

Dropleaf is a response to an industry that could be so much better than it is. We want to provide everyone with a never ending stream of transformative experiences, but doing that is going to require us to change the space around games. Players need to be able to find the experiences that feel made for them, and the community around those games has to be welcoming and inclusive. Independent developers, meanwhile, need a way to improve discoverability, extend their revenue stream and find a space in which content is rewarded based on quality, not marketing budget.

We’re working to fix every one of those problems. We’ve built a discovery system that’s going to help you find games you truly love. Our community is a work in progress, but you can learn more on our blog. And our library is going to keep growing, so that when you finish one great game, you’ll find another that you’d swear was made with you in mind.


Our Team

Vikram Rangraj CEO, Co-Founder Vikram has been a Teacher, an EMT, and a Birthday Party Magician (really). He's been working for The Princeton Review as a Lead Instructor, and Business Development Manager for the last 10 years. His (non-game) interests include rap, weightlifting, and sneakers.
Rachel Giuliani Head of Community, Bard Rachel is an expert in community and communication. She is responsible for building dropleaf's community, and for most of the words you see around here. Her (non-game) interests include gardening, pro wrestling, and powerlifting.