Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work?
Simple! Sign up and download our client. Once you've got that set up, you'll be able to download and play any game on our platform. Learn more about our library here.

How many games do you have?
We've got about 40, but we're adding more every week! Expect to see our library grow by 10-20 games per month.

What should I play?
We have an ever-evolving recommendation engine. As you play, it'll get better at generating recommended games for you. Or, just try the first thing that catches your eye, after all, you've got access to the whole library!

How do developers get paid?
We share revenue with our developers at an industry-leading split. Whether you play for two hours or two hundred, your subscription supports the games you personally love.

What's going on with all of that community stuff?
We're working on building our community platform as we speak. Right now, we're putting our community guidelines together. Check out our progress on the blog, and tell us what you think, so we can build the gaming community of your dreams.

I have a game I want to put on dropleaf!
Great! Email us at

How much does this cost?
For signing up during our beta, you'll be locked in at loading_price... per month as long as your subscription remains active. Even when we start charging full price, you'll never pay a cent more. We're glad you believe in us and are getting on board early. Thank you for being awesome!

What happens to my save files if I cancel my subscription?
Nothing at all, they live on your computer. They'll be there when you sign back up, or if you end up buying the game they belong to by other means.

Will games ever leave?
We hope our partners stay with us for a long time to come, but in the event that a game does leave, we'll always make sure to give you two weeks notice, so you can finish things up. As in the case of a cancelled subscription, your save file is still your own.

Is this a streaming service?
Nope. Games are downloaded to your computer, so we run on any internet connection just fine!